Why Laser Technology is the Best For You

Why Laser Technology is the Best For You

When you think of a dental office, what are the kinds of equipments that come to your mind? Metal scalpels, drills, picks but it may interest you to know that lasers are beginning to take the place of some of these tools. Lasers are very accurate and significantly shorten healing time and not forgetting, they are also silent. Lasers have several applications in dentistry, but it is especially used in cosmetic procedures for smile makeovers. There are several dental lasers out there, each specially made for hard and soft tissue treatments.

Laser Smile Makeovers
Normally, light from sources such as the sun or a table lamp consists of different colors or wavelengths of light. Lasers however, focus light onto a single, coherent monochromatic beam that is adjustable to different wavelengths and for several applications. After Albert Einstein theorized lasers in 1917, it didn’t take long before it was invented years later and progress in laser development ramped up in the early 1960s. Today, lasers are used in many industries to achieve things such nuclear fusion, barcode scanning, transmission of telephone and television signals as well as for the LASIK eye surgery procedure. Laser began to be used in dentistry in the early1990s with the FDA testing and approving different laser equipment in subsequent years. Lasers are safe and non-surgical. They do not create incisions, instead they break bonds between particles with focused energy and give you a perfect smile.

The Benefits of Laser Technology
Lasers offer more advantages over traditional dental instruments. Some of them include:
• Reduced need for Anesthesia – Lasers are very precise, and unlike dental drills, they don’t create harsh vibrations. In fact, in many cases, an anesthesia is not even required for a laser treatment.
• Minimal Bleeding -The dentist can provide treatment using conservative laser incisions, which means less bleeding and swelling. Incisions can be cauterized by lasers, sealing them up with energy and reducing the amount of bleeding involved.
• Tissue Preservation – Laser dental treatments are highly precise, resulting in virtually no disruption to healthy tooth, gum or bone tissue around the area.
• Fast Healing – Because lasers make incisions that can be sealed immediately, lasers minimize healing time. Patients usually do not require any sort of suture after treatment and there is no bleeding after.
• Multiple Use – Because of its versatile capabilities, laser dentistry provides new and innovative options for several types of treatment while making it comfortable for the patient and producing quality results.

Uses of Lasers
There are several users of lasers in dental treatments for smile makeovers. Some of them include.
• Removal of Dental Caries – Lasers can stop decay that has developed and created a tooth cavity. A suitable laser for this is one that does not produce heat, that way tooth structure surrounding the cavity is completely preserved.
• Cavity Cleaning and Preparation – Lasers can clean areas were cavities have formed. It removes any bacteria or plaque in the area in preparation for filling, inlay or onlay.
• Tooth Resurfacing- Lasers can be used to resurface teeth for various purposes. It can create a slightly etched surface that is more conducive to bonding. This is a critical step in placing porcelain veneers, or using dental bonding for tooth restoration.
• For Orthodontics Restoration – Patients with misaligned teeth but do not want treatment involving metal hardware and mouthpieces can opt for laser therapy. This therapy helps refine tooth structure if it juts out too far and repositions gum length creating a more even base for a dental crown or dental veneer.
• Cavity Detection – Special types of lasers can detect areas of decay in the tooth that might not be visible to the naked eye. A unique diode laser measures laser fluorescence as it passes through the teeth. The decaying parts illuminate and the dentist can easily locate such decaying areas.

You deserve to feel confident in your smile. Laser technology offers a new lease of life for you and it is safe, effective, painless and non-invasive. Life is too beautiful not to smile!

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