4 Cosmetic Procedures that Can Save Your Smile Today

4 Cosmetic Procedures that Can Save Your Smile Today

Cosmetic dentistry has grown to become very popular today. From teeth whitening to shaping and contouring to replacing teeth, there’s a variety of cosmetic modifications that dentist can make for individuals in need of them. There are now also advanced tools and techniques at their disposal to ensure you improve your smile.

Before going for any cosmetic procedure, make sure you know the benefits and risks associated with the process. Make sure you know what it will cost and how experienced the dentist is with the procedure, and whether any special maintenance is necessary afterward. There are different cosmetic procedures that can help you maintain your smile.

Teeth Whitening

With time, teeth can become discolored usually due to smoking, taking certain medications or consuming beverages. Through a chemical process, your dentist can bleach your teeth in two different ways. Either in an in-office procedure or providing you with a system you can use at home.

Your dentist can make a custom mouthpiece tray that ensures the right amount of whitening solution reaches your teeth. Home whitening may be more convenient for you. But it might be longer for whitening to take place depending on the strength of peroxide used. Unlike home whitening, in-office whitening can take place within 1, 2 or more hours visit.

You must continue your daily oral hygiene of brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily while you whiten your teeth. Your teeth could become stained again if you expose it to staining food substances or maintain a poor oral hygiene.


Bonding may improve the look of your teeth if there are excess spaces between them or if they are chipped, broken, cracked or stained.

Dentists fill small cavities with bonding materials or protect the expose root of a tooth with the same materials. This procedure can be done in a single office visit to the dentist. It can be easily done by applying an etching solution and tooth colored materials directly on the tooth’s surface when it is needed.

Bonding may last a number of years, but more than other forms of restorations, is prone to chipping or staining or just wearing down


Veneers are like shells, typically made from porcelain and are used to cover the front sides of the teeth to change their color and/or shape. Unlike bonding, veneers last longer and provide a much pleasing appearance. Veneers can improve teeth with spaces between them, chipped teeth, worn teeth, permanently stained teeth or poorly shaped one.

Before a dentist inserts veneers, the dentist will first of all take your tooth impression, then buff the tooth before cementing veneer in place. A light beam helps harden the cement, securing the veneer to your tooth.


Crowns which are sometimes referred to as caps completely cover a tooth, restoring a natural shape and appearance. Crowns may be needed for the following:

  • If you want to cover a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • To protect weak tooth
  • Cover tooth with large filling
  • Cover a dental implant
  • To restore a broken or worn tooth
  • To cover a tooth after a root canal procedure.

Because of the costliness of crowns, dentist usually suggests them only when other procedures can’t produce the best result.




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