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Geriatric Care

Cosmetic Dentistry and Cavity protection

Geriatric Care

As a whole family dental care service, we ensure every member of the family from the youngest to the oldest get proper oral and dental care through treatment and education. Aging is inevitable and as the body ages, so does our mouth. As we age, there is a propensity to be lax about dental care. However, when the teeth is not properly cared for, they might start falling off at old age or cause other serious problems.

Common Senior Citizen Dental Problems

There a several dental care problems senior people begin to notice and require treatment or advice for and we are glad to help. These include:

  • Loss of Taste

Around the age of 50 onward, you begin to loose your taste buds.  Not only do foods become less palatable, your general health is at risk, because there is an increased tendency to over-salt your food which can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes.  We can discuss with you and recommend ways such as using more herbs or spices, regulating food temperature and so on  to combat loss of taste and keep your meals tasty as you get older:

  • Dry Mouth

Senior citizens experience dry mouth commonly. It is caused a variety of things such as Caffeine, acidic foods and beverages, alcoholic mouthwashes, sugary gum, cough drops, candy, drinks and alcoholic beverages. No matter the cause, though, it is a problem that we will help you treat to keep your mouth healthy.

  • Loss of Nerves

With aging, the nerves in your teeth get smaller, which means your teeth will be less sensitive to problems like cavities. Regular dental exams is the best way to take care of this problem. Our specialists will examine your teeth and treat your problem before it snowballs into a bigger one.

  • Root Decay

Root decay and exposure is common among the elderly. This can be caused by acidic foods which cause the gum tissue to pull away from the tooth. Without any form of protection, the root begins to decay. We will treat your root decay problems when you visit us.

  • Stomatitis

If you wear poor-fitting dentures, have bad dental hygiene or a build up of the fungus, it can cause inflammation of the tissue under your dentures, called Stomatitis, which makes wearing your dentures very uncomfortable and painful. We will help treat your Stomatitis problem and recommend ways to protect yourself against it. Please visit us and talk to one of our specialists.

Are you a senior citizen? Visit our clinic today and let our oral dentists discuss with you and find a treatment for your oral and dental problems today. We are committed to the dental care for the whole family non exempted.

Geriatric Care